Weaving the Lei: Kawaikini's curricular strands



Kawaikini’s curriculum encompasses three areas of instruction — the Kaua’i o Manokalanipō (Kaua’i Curriculum), Ola Pono (Health and Wellness), and Ke Ala ʻIke (College and Career Preparation) — each aligned with the Hawai’i State Content & Performance Standards for education, giving our students a well-rounded foundation for college and beyond.
Kawaikini School Class Art Project

Kauaʻi o Manokalanipō

Kauaʻi Curriculum

Students are immersed in Hawaiian concepts and the traditions of Kaua’i
Science, Social Studies, Fine & Performing Arts and Literature are the focus of this unique Kauaʻi-based multidisciplinary curriculum. Hawaiian concepts, traditions of Kauaʻi, as well as the expertise of our Kauaʻi community are the source of integrated learning opportunities in this portion of the curriculum. Traditional literature of Kauaʻi is emphasized.
Kawaikini Class Sports

Ola Pono

Health and Wellness

Healthy children and a nourishing educational environment
The overall well-being of each student is the focus of this curricular area. Daily physical exercise, healthy nutrition and Hawaiian wellness practices are incorporated into the lifestyle at Kawaikini. Running, hiking, swimming, paddling and traditional Hawaiian games are some of physical activities students participate in.
Kawaikini Students in Class Learning about Geography with a Globe

Ke Ala ʻIke

College and Career Preparation

Our integrated curriculum prepares students for college and beyond.
This section of the curriculum provides students with life skills to pursue career and/or college goals upon graduation. Special attention is given to Math, English Language Arts and Technology. Students have the opportunity in high school to participate in a career mentorship as well as attend classes at Kauaʻi Community College.

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