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No Kawaikini

Ko Kawaikini nu’ukia (ho`ololi `ia ma 2016)

                            Kū kilakila ʻo Kawaikini, ke ʻōlino nei, mālamalama                                                   Steadfastly stands Kawaikini, for the brightness of day is here                   Kawaikini stands tall in an era of knowledge and enlightenment

Ko Kawaikini ala nu’ukia (ho`ololi `ia ma 2016)

Kū haʻaheo mākou, ko Kawaikini, i kaiaulu kuanoʻo, naʻauao, a hāehuola e kuluma ai ka ʻōlelo, nā manaʻo, a me nā hana a ka poʻe ʻōiwi o Hawaiʻi nei.

We, Kawaikini (NCPCS), stand tall as a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and healthy community where the language, beliefs and practices of the indigenous people of Hawaiʻi are instinctive.

Ko Kawaikini pahuhopu haiki

  • We believe that we have a responsibility to cultivate and nurture the traditional language, culture, and values of Kaua’i.
  • We believe that the Hawaiian language should be a respected and normal part of daily life throughout Hawai’i.
  • We believe that bilingualism is cognitively advantageous.
  • We believe that good physical, spiritual, and emotional health is vital to learning.
  • We believe that being part of a caring community provides children with the inner strength to succeed throughout life.
  • We believe that a diverse and academically rich education is necessary to thrive in a dynamic, ever-changing world.

Ko Kawaikini kahua

  • Hawaiian-culture focus
  • Immersion education
  • Community partnerships / Service learning
  • ‘Ohana learning community
  • Student-centered
  • High standards for all
  • Research
  • Three unique curricular strands


Kawaikini has been going through the WASC Accreditation Process. Our Accreditation Visit will occur on March 3-6, 2014. Kawaikini’s Accreditation document is here (as a downloadable PDF file).

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